Handmade decorative dolls

Welcome to Landitania – the magical world of rag dolls!!!

Many people enjoy having a doll especially if it is a unique piece of art that is handmade in a single exemplar. Creating such dolls involves making numerous decisions regarding every single detail; every stitch, every bead, and every button – that all determines the doll’s personality and character. As any other piece of art, created dolls have a piece of their creator’s soul.

The Rag Doll is returning back becoming fashionable. Apart from being just a toy, it often appears as a decorative detail in various interiors. Moreover, it is a very original gift for many people.

Speaking of gift dolls, there is a number of different styles and types such as Raggedy Ann, Teddy, Tilda, and etc! You can always find the most appropriate doll to give to the person you care about!

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